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Carole Bober Gentry is an upbeat, energetic, hand-talking speaker and presenter with more than 35 years of communications and public relations experience. A graduate of  the Ithaca College School of Communications in Upstate New York, Carole began her career as an advertising copywriter in Chicago, holding similar positions in Annapolis and Baltimore, Maryland. She transitioned from advertising to political campaign work, and spent a number of years as a congressional campaign manager for former U.S. Rep. Benjamin L. Cardin. Carole also co-authored The After-College Guide to Life, a no-nonsense guide to coping with the challenges of post-college life.


More recently, Carole was the long-serving managing director of communications for Maryland Lottery and Gaming, a multi-billion dollar state agency with more than 300 employees. Carole was responsible for oversight and execution of all public and media relations, public affairs, employee communications and community engagement and served as the agency spokesperson and on-air personality. Under her direction, Carole's team won several industry and public relations awards.


Carole, who grew ​up on a farm in New Jersey, credits her sense of humor and tenacity to her three older brothers, who enjoyed teasing their little sister -- early and often. An outdoor enthusiast, amateur nature photographer and proud mother of two grown children, Carole lives in Maryland with her husband,  Jim.

Nature, Nurture and a Flock of Fun...



A Natural Attraction

Whether driving the winding coastlines of northern California, or northern Maine, kayaking on the scenic tributaries of the Chesapeake Bay or taking a brisk walk in the park just around the corner from home, there's nothing like turning off your computer and getting outside for a little fresh air. Ya' gotta' unplug now and again in order to recharge your batteries.



Brotherly Love

Question: What do you get when you combine three rambunctious older brothers with one little sister? 

Answer: You get a girl who uses her head (and a little humor) to handle whatever comes her way. Tough situations are like mud puddles. Sometimes you get dragged through a few (I did) but you clean up the mess, show 'em you're tough and keep on going. A little mud never hurt anyone!





Giving it My Best Shot

Sometimes, I take out my camera, and if I'm patient (and a little lucky), I might catch a glimpse of something -- a sudden movement or flash of color. A bird in flight, a bug on a leaf, someone or something that piques my interest. I give it my best shot, literally. Even if the photo isn't perfect (it rarely is), the experience comes awfully close, and in the end, that's what really matters most.

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